Sun, 21 Jun | Wider Horizons Online Summer Solstice

Sacred Heart Collective Gathering

We will gather online to do a short concert for Wider Horizons online via Zoom and on Facebook Stream
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Sacred Heart Collective Gathering

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21 Jun 2020, 20:00
Wider Horizons Online Summer Solstice

About the Event


☀️ WIDER HORIZONS ONLINE SUMMER GATHERING  🐿️ An online gathering for the next generation to celebrate and learn about everything under the Sun and beyond, and beyond the beyond. Are you a conscious soul who wants to help create a better world? Do you want to experience more meaning, connection and joy in your life? Join us at Wider Horizons - The Transformational Gathering for Young Adults and develop tools to become an effective changemaker, empowered to create a better future from a place of peace and deep understanding of yourself and life. Our next gathering will be held online over Summer Solstice. Wider Horizons are teaming up with INTO THE WILD and ANIWA to create a new gathering of families and communities from across the Earth:  WONDERLAND. We have an amazing line-up of music, performances, workshops, talks and Solstice ceremonies which will fill your heart and soul with love and light. ** EXPERIENTIAL WORKSHOPS ON COSMOS AND CONSCIOUSNESS ** SOLSTICE CEREMONIES FROM AROUND THE WORLD ** VORTEX HEALING  ** NON-VIOLENT COMMUNICATION ** MEDITATION ** SELF-MASTERY ** YOGA ** SACRED SINGING ** LIVE MUSIC AND DJS ** ECSTATIC DANCE ** Find further details about the online workshops below ** This gathering is calling young adults who want to dive deeper and explore things that really matter to them. This is our third gathering which will expand upon the magic created  over the last year, to inspire you with the knowledge, energy and self-belief to step into your true self and embrace life with optimism and confidence. It is being held online. Imagine an area by a beautiful lake within a gathering of gatherings. We are teaming up with Into the Wild and Aniwa to create Wonderland: Wonderland is a new adventure for these times, an online festival, creating connection through the arts, music and sharing what inspires us, whoever we are, not limited by space and time. Wonderland is a new 3-day online festival over the Summer Solstice, We will host world class music, workshops, talks, debates, inspiring stories, films, storytelling, wild crafts, Indigenous elders and lots more, it’s going to be brilliant. We will have Zooms where you can interact with the contributors, musicians and fellow participants connecting with old friends and new. Watch aftermovies of our previous Wider Horizons gatherings here: Summer 2020 at Wasing Woodland: www.youtube.com/watch?v=P7M2xlg0EAs www.youtube.com/watch?v=OMcoWzypdT8&feature=youtu.be Winter Warmer at Chaucer Barn: www.youtube.com/watch?v=VMEsLmP3g7o If you have any questions for the community, join the Wider Horizons FB group - www.facebook.com/groups/widerhorizons Come and explore the mysteries of life and learn from some of the greatest minds and experts in their field, around all things creative, wild, mystical and conscious. Our amazing Explorers, Artists, Elders, Professors, Sages, Druids and Musicians include: Andrew Harvey, Mac Macartney,  Kurikindi, Chris Park, Erika Tourell, George Barker, Moshe Halperin,  Gabriella Rutherford, Edmund Colville and many more. ----------------------------------------------------------------- SOME OF THE WIDER HORIZONS 2020 CONTRIBUTORS AND WORKSHOPS   Full info - https://widerhorizons.events/schedule-summer-2020/ Andrew Harvey SACRED ACTIVISM NOW: AN OPEN LETTER TO YOUNG ADULTS Mac Macartney FULL CIRCLE LIVING Kurikindi MAINTAINING BALANCE OF MIND, BODY AND SPIRIT Gabriella Rutherford, Survival International TRIBAL PEOPLES FOR TOMORROW’S WORLD Chris Park, Druid SUMMER SOLSTICE CEREMONY - At summer solstice the light of celebration burns bright throughout the land. This workshop invites us to seek stillness within, feel that inspiring flame, explore the stories and magic of this festival and express them through ceremony, song and more. Dr Megan Cowles DClinPsy COMPASSION FOCUSED APPROACHES TO HEALING - Learn skills to deepen your connections, regulate your emotion systems and find freedom & peace in your daily life. Erika Tourell YOGA FOR EVERYONE - a gentle yet powerful awakening of the bodymind through breath work and mindful movement to encourage a heightened sense of aliveness, awareness, balance and wellbeing. All levels of practitioner will be warmly welcomed including complete beginners. Danny Gross, Friends of The Earth REFOREST THE WORLD How to tackle climate breakdown and restore nature in your neck of the woods. Ben Christie CONNECTING WITH SPIRIT AND THE DIVINE PLAN FOR YOU Edmund Colville VORTEX ENERGY HEALING INITIATION Sophie Docker NONVIOLENCE FOR PERSONAL AND COLLECTIVE LIBERATION SACRED SINGING  - experience healing and prayer, singing sacred songs from around the world. Ravi Ji, George Barker, Moshe Halperin, Arnaldo and Arnessa, Yopi Jay and many more CHANTING FOR CHANGE - Learn Mantra medicine and heart opening chants from the path of bhakti yoga, the devotional aspect of yoga. Changing the world from within with Vandita Please note - contributors and programme may change. ----------------------------------------------------------------- THE LINKS To find out about all the workshops, music and ceremonies: www.widerhorizons.events/schedule-summer-2020/ www.wonderlandfestival.org The event will be held online using Zoom and by livestreaming into our FB groups, so you'll be able to join on Zoom or FB. For Zoom use this link WILL BE ADDED HERE NEARER THE TIME where you will be able to interact and share. Please join our Wonderland FB Groups now so you will be able to access the livestreams during the event - for Wider Horizons' events www.facebook.com/groups/widerhorizons for Into The Wild's events: www.facebook.com/groups/in2wildonlinefestival for ANIWA's events: www.facebook.com/groups/aniwa/ Websites www.widerhorizons.events www.wonderlandfestival.org www.instagram.com/widerhorizons._ --------------------------------------------------------------- TICKET INFO Donations: www.wonderlandfestival.org/donate Tax-deductible donations: https://widerhorizons.events/give/ --------------------------------------------------------------- AGREEMENTS Wider Horizons is a consciousness raising event so we have some agreements we ask you to support: Be clear and healthy – no drugs or alcohol. Respect others – no photography Give – please share this with other young adults seeking wider horizons   And at all times be the best person you can be! ----------------------------------------------------------------- We’re super excited to welcome you at the Wider Horizons Summer Gathering 2020 in Wonderland!

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